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Stolen Slave Part Two

I fired up the laptop, and sent a text message to Master L, but received no answer. I was still feeling the alcohol I’d drunk, and remembering the feel of Master K’s hands on me; I realized that I liked what he’d done even though I didn’t particularly like him. I felt confused and had some trouble settling down to sleep, but finally managed it.

Sunday morning was dreary and grey, rain coming off and on until well past no0on. I spent the day reliving the previous night and thinking about my reactions and how I felt about the whole situation. I didn’t want a new master, the one I had suited me quite well as he had not yet been near me, so even though I knew we would eventually be together I still had a major amount of freedom to do as I pleased. A new master could very well cause me to lose that freedom and force me to submit to a master’s will all the time, and I wasn’t sure I was ready or willing for that. I think I knew even then that if Master K got me, he would make me completely his slave, regardless of what I felt or wanted. I needed to talk to Master L, needed to hear him tell me to stay away from this man who I disliked slightly but who so easily made my body dance to his tune.

On Monday after work (I worked part-time, early mornings, but no longer); I finally got to talk to Master L by text message. 

“Good morning master, I did as you ordered and led him on and let him catch a few handfuls, then left him in the parking lot with a hardon and the comment from him that he would let me know when he would want to see me again. Am I to see him again,” was how the message read that I sent him.
“Up to you Hun,” was his answer. 
“No master, it’s up to you; you are my master. He told me he plans to take me from you, I don’t know what he plans; but don’t want that to happen. I told him I would not willingly leave you as you are my master and have been for half a year. What do you want me to do about that man, master?” I asked.
“Do you want him?” Master L asked.
“No, I want you master,” I replied.
“Then tell him you lose Poser and laugh.” Master L said.
“Yes master, thank you for not making me see him again. I would much rather be yours than his. I don’t care for him much.”
“My pleasure, slave,” Master L answered.

My mind eased some by the conversation with Master L, I went about my daily routine of work and writing, working on a second part for a story I’d written several weeks earlier. A week passed quietly, and I began to hope that Master K had decided that he’d had his fun and moved on. Then came the day that I fired up the computer and the message was waiting for me. Master K would see me that night at a certain downtown club at 8PM. I decided not to answer in any way, feeling safe at home, and spent the day writing. Eight PM came and went without me noticing, the writing was flowing very well that night and I had completely lost track of time when I was startled by a knock on the door. A glance at the clock showed it to be after nine, and my first thought was that my neighbors across the street needed something. 

I threw on a robe and opened the door, realizing just a moment too late that it was Master K who stood there. He gave the door a hard shove that also knocked me off balance; he was inside and had the door locked quickly. He advanced on me, pulling a pair of metal handcuffs from his hip pocket, and I backed away until the backs of my knees were against the arm of the couch, he lunged and I fell backwards as he clamped a cuff around my right wrist. With what seemed like no effort, and in spite of my kicking and fighting, he pinned me down on my stomach with his body and had my wrists secured behind my back in very little time. He pulled out a length of rope and tied my ankles together, then drew my ankles up as close as he could to my wrists and bound them together so that I could barely move. I was trussed securely, lying on the floor on my stomach, unable to escape this man who had so easily captured me. 

He left me lying there as he went back outside and came in a moment later with a gym bag. I was just beginning to realize that he had done exactly what Master L had challenged him to do, he had come and taken me and there wasn’t anything either Master L or I could do about it. I hadn’t told him where I lived, had no phone number, but he’d found me. As I laid there tied down and unable to move, Master K looked around and spotted my laptop and cam sitting off to the side. He sat down on the couch and picked up the computer, started looking through files and contacts until he found Master L’s e-mail address. With a grin, he started to set up the webcam and aim it at me where I was lying on the floor. “Where is your collar, little slave,” he asked. I told him where I kept it and he brought both the collar and leash, and set them down by me. “We will send your former “master” a message,” he said as he turned on my cam. He reached down and grabbed my hair. Looking straight at the camera, he pulled my head up and asked Master L, “Do you recognize her?” He held up the collar, “Do you recognize this? You never collared or claimed her, I have and I’ll enjoy owning her. You lose, poser.”

Master K turned off the cam and then sent the video to Master L before turning back to me. “Now I will see just how good a slave you are, and make you completely mine.” With that, he collared me with my own collar, released my ankles, and led me to the bedroom. He put me on my knees in front of him, opened his jeans to reveal his hard cock, and guided the head into my mouth. With his hands holding my head, there was no way for me to resist, nor would it have been wise to try. I gave my captor my full attention, knowing that there was no other option; and followed his instructions to the letter, licking and sucking as he directed. He began to face fuck me, driving his cock all the way into my throat time after time, causing me to gag a time or two as he picked up speed and I adjusted. After several minutes, Master K removed his cock from my mouth and pulled me onto my feet. “Kiss me, slave,” he ordered me, “and mean it.” I stretched up to reach his lips, nibbling lightly and flicking my tongue against them; I kissed him, sucked gently at his lower lip, teased until he let my tongue ease into and explore his mouth.Suddenly he gave me a shove, which sent me flying onto the bed. He flipped me effortlessly onto my stomach and lifted my hips so that my backside was in the air. 

Master K took me then, without any further hesitation ramming his hard cock into my pussy to the hilt. He fucked me ruthlessly, showing his ownership in his use of my body, his rampaging cock pounding into me over and over. In spite of myself I found my body responding to him as he continued to use me for his pleasure. His hands held my hips in place where he wanted them as he pulled out and in one long slow push, invaded my rectum and sank himself as far into me as he could. He gave me a minute to adjust to his size and then began to work in and out slowly, pushing in until he was pressed tightly against me, and then out till just the head of his cock was still inside. His thrusts became faster and harder as my body began to move with his, my hips pushing back to meet him and help him drive further into me. Just as I began to lose control, he pulled out of me and put me onto my back, his hard length waving above me as he closed his hand around it and stroked himself until he came, shooting all over my face and chest. Master K released my wrists and told me to dress, he would be taking me to his house, where we would continue with his enjoyment of his new slave. 

He lived on the opposite side of town from me, and it was about a half hour ride on the dark roads after he re-secured my wrists and buckled the seat belt around me. We arrived at his house and he drove straight into the garage, the door lowering behind us, and the interior lights coming on. Master K took me from the car and into the house, along a hallway, and into a room equipped to restrain and use a slave in any imaginable way. The wall beside the door was lined with shelves filled with toys and accessories of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. The center of the floor was occupied with a specially designed lounge chair, complete with straps to secure a body to it either face down or on its back, and there was a detachable fucking machine set into the lower edge of it. Master K led me to it and in one swift move ripped the dress from me and threw me down face first on the lounger. He secured my ankles and then my wrists, leaving me helplessly exposed to whatever he had planned next. I soon found out what he had in mind as he positioned the fucking machine behind me at my anus, lubing the dildo and then sliding it into me as he started the thing going. I felt him push what I later found out was a vibrating egg into my pussy, and then he turned on the vibrators in egg and dildo and they hit me simultaneously. He stepped up to my head and fitted a gag into my mouth, effectively silencing me. Then Master K left the room.

I don’t know how long he left me like that, but I lost count of my orgasms after the fifth or sixth one. Each was stronger and harder than the one before it, and as they rolled through me, all I could do was lie there and endure them, my body shaking with the force of the spasms. The machine and egg kept me constantly excited and I felt my will succumbing to the stimulation. At some point, Master K came in and placed nipple clamps on both of my nipples, as well as a vibrating clamp on my clit, causing me to twitch and jump in my restraints. He left again, but was back in a short time to stand watching my body as I came yet again. He let the equipment do its work and just as I started screaming into my gag yet again, he stepped up to me, yanked the gag out and ordered me to submit to him. I found myself babbling and begging him to turn off the toys and release me, he laughed and told me that he wouldn’t let me go until I had submitted, had by my own word given myself to him completely. He replaced the gag and again left the room, leaving me as he had placed me for another long stretch of time. 

Upon his return, I was ready to acquiesce to anything he demanded of me, my body burning with the forced stimulation and orgasms, my mind a blank from what he’d made me endure throughout the night. Again he removed the gag as he ordered me to submit. Quietly, I asked him if he would allow me to submit properly, on my knees before him. He agreed and removed the toys from my body, released the restraints, and allowed me to fall to my knees before him. With my head bowed, I spoke, “Master, this girl submits to you completely, gives herself to you fully as your slave and begs you to use her in any way you desire. She will obey without question; strive with all of her being to please you in every way.” He accepted my submission, and then laid down the new rules I would be required to follow from that point on. 

I now have a new master, a true master, who will brook no insubordination, will demand perfect obedience, and will punish any infractions. He has taken over my life and changed it to suit himself. His first order to me was to write this story to let my former master and everyone else know that I am now his.